Friday, March 23, 2012


Each morning the alarm wakes us an hour before our intended waking time.  We do this because we have discovered we get our best sleep after the alarm goes off.  The radio is set on the local PBS channel.  This is fund raiser week.  They have interesting articles not the regular early morning news and stock reports.  Normally I will hear excerpts here and there and dose back off.  This morning I heard what I thought was "Dairying Beetle being re introduced in Missouri"  Googled when I got up and discovered it was "Burying Beetle".

The above picture was copied from the following site:

I remember seeing this beetle when I was growing up in the boot heel of Missouri.  Dad had a garden in Caruthersville. In fact we were always finding all kinds of beetles under rocks and in leaf piles.  It was difficult to read the information on this beetle knowing mankind is contributing to his demise. 
The following link takes you to the Columbia, Missouri News report:

An indepth article on the beetle:

These Beetles only live for a year.  They mate for life.  They co parent.  They farm. 
Makes you stop and think.

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