Monday, September 5, 2011


Over the years we have found varieties of vegetables we love to grow.  Vegetables which are full flavored,  prolific, disease resistant, quick to harvest, excellent to either freeze or can; rise to the top of the list.  They do not have to be heirloom varieties. 

The very top of our list is a bean called "Spartan Arrow".  Our garden was never without this bean.  I became ill and we did not have a garden for 5 years.  When we began gardening again, we determined the company we would order most of our seeds from would be the one with "Spartan Arrow" seed..  For two years we have been searching for the seed.  Originally we ordered the seed from "Harris Seeds".  They said they weren't handling it any more and suggested we use "Espada" (I think is the spelling).  It was a comparable bean.  NOT!

Spartan Arrow is just what it's name implies. Straight as an arrow, no matter what the conditions.  If conditions were right you had to pick beans twice a day.  Another plus with the plant, It stuck its beans right up on the top of the plant, not camouflaging  the beans under the leaves (making picking a breeze).  They were the "greenest" tasting bean we've ever had.  Freezing, there was no loss of flavor and they seemed to be not as susceptible to freezer burn.  The bean seemed to be impervious to rust and other bean diseases.  It produced in hot weather as well as in the extreme cold.  We religiously covered the bean rows when there was frost.  We knew we would be rewarded with beans till cold became a daily thing.

If you know of where we can procure this seed please let us know. 
We have googled but have not found a source.

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