Saturday, April 18, 2015


Spring is finally here for us.  
I have been traveling and it seems the weekends I am home 
are deluged by rain.  This is the first weekend we've had to do 
anything outside.  So it is hurry up to guessed it
THE RAIN!  We are mowing the upper and lower pastures.
I sure miss the sheep, goats and cows doing it for me.

When my back gets too tired of riding the mower I graduate
to working in the green house.  It is mundane work, weeding 
and mixing dirt to go in the beds.  The only thing we have 
right now is Chard and Raspberry plants which need to 
find a home outside.  It is already getting too hot for early 
things like lettuce and peas.

This morning while rousting out the weeds I dug up the nicest
nightcrawlers.  Then who should come hoping out from under
a chard leaf, and adorable brown and beige toad.  He was about
the size of a fifty cent piece (do those still exist?).  

I had several Mouse tunnels I had to collapse.  It looks like the 
cats need to get to work.  Either that or we have one very busy mouse.
He seems to have tunneled in every bed.  The good thing,
there doesn't seem to be any moles hiding, waiting to
lunch on the roots of my plants.

  I've come in for some rest and refreshment, and a change of clothes.
It's a necessary thing.  We are also deluged with ticks,   
all kinds and sizes. I detest the little seed ticks! (If you get seed 
ticks on you grab the clear wide packing tape.  
They stick to it real well.

I hope you aren't bored, my mind thinks in prose.
Here is a poem, green house inhabitants inspired.

A toad is hopping in my house,
Perusing tunnels made by a mouse,
He thinks it is a space for him,
Built by humans, on a whim.

Sometimes he lurks beneath the green,
Hoping he is not readily seen,
He watches for the occasional fly,
Hoping one or two, will come by.

If lunch isn't whizzing by,
He ventures out beneath the sky,
Seeking insects which delight,
In eating all the green in sight.

Guarding, protecting, throughout the day,
Quietly waiting with nothing to say,
For the unsuspecting visitor to meet,
To be his dinner, a gourmet treat.

Our green house is a happy home,
Where toads, frogs and snakes do roam,
The mice and sometimes little voles,
Run in and out, through minute holes.

Our little brown toad reigns supreme,
Guarding all around him, which is green,
He knows the cats won’t bother him,
Because he tastes really grim.

We hope your garden is blooming, not a bloomin garden.  BTW,
Gardening is extremely hard in the later years.  
Don't ask me how I know.

Foot Note:  Our Pit Bull, Boychik, dispatched a ground hog for us!

Happy gardening.

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