Wednesday, May 3, 2017


             Years ago on an internet group we were having a discussion on gardening which led to a discussion about bean growing.  I wrote in that I didn't care for yellow wax beans because they didn't have that great green taste.  I was immediately inundated by questions about what green tastes like.  This was my reply:

                 Okay here is a lesson in green taste.  You know the
                 smell that you smell when you mow the lawn or and
                 alfalfa field is fresh cut.....That is not how it
                 tastes but it is close....You know how clover smells
                 so clean and soft.  It taste a little like that.

                 You see,  the smell of yellow is warm, like buttery
                 carrots or squash.  You could say they smelled clean
                 and fresh or corn on the cob yellow.  That is warm
                 and soft and when your lips touch those kernels you
                 start salivating before you even bite in.

                 Have a green bean just barely steamed no butter or
                 salt, just naked, put it in your mouth, you have to
                 chew it, when it touches the back of your tongue it
                 has a cool taste, you remember the fresh cut grass.

                 Now the green of asparagus, nope, that is an earthy
                 green. It is sort of like a green bean soaked in dirt. You
                 know army green, but it still has that  green taste.
                 Take white asparagus, you expect that it will taste
                 the same but someone took the green out, the same
                 goes for the wax beans, they are a green bean want to

                 The Brassica family are green too but they have an
                 aged taste.  They didn't grow fast  enough to have
                 that cool green taste. Dark broccoli just tries to put
                 on a green show but he took so long to get
                 all that color that he just plain soured along the

                There’s cauliflower, it is a want to be too, but it stays
                 out of the sun so it won't color up and what kind of
                taste is it left with, nada, no green

                 Now we come to Limes!! That is a green of another
                 color.  You can taste that cool but it is like green on
                 steroids.  The comparison goes further, you have yellow
                 lemons, they are a lime want to be. They think
                 their larger size will make up for the lack of green
                 taste.  They think if they hype the bite that they
                 will reign supreme.  No way jose'.  Lime green is a
                 special green.

                 Now you know how green tastes.

This is our growing season. If it will stop raining maybe I can plant some green beans.

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