Monday, January 23, 2012


Just a note, I have been away too long.  I need to start preparing for spring.  After this year of hiatus from the garden we need to do so much to get ready.  The main thing to do is find the seeds I put away.  Yes, I cannot remember where the safe hiding place is.  

The second thing "we " have to do is re-fence the garden.  The deer  and the elements have done a number on on the Hay bale netting we used.  It was very efficient for 3 years, I have no complaints.  We will make sure we put down weed barrier of some sort (for a 3 foot width).  The weeds are impossible to extract and mowing next to the fence was disaster (the netting would get caught in any implement).

The garden is going to be much smaller this year.  I am gearing down to only drive sales (mainly for my own use, but I will share the over production.) 

This year there will be special attention to the production of the "Spartan Arrow beans"  They seem to be falling out of favor, why I don't understand.  We will be saving seed as well as growing for our own use.  Our main battle in this endeavor will be fighting any resident ground hogs (We know we can keep the deer out with proper fencing).  BTW local deer hunters did us a big service this year.  Four deer, all females were harvested.  They were young deer who had never had "kids".  The day after deer season ended we had 5 deer browsing in the pasture.

We will also be growing "Chinese Long Beans".  I pulled a package from the freezer this past weekend.  They were from 2010.  I could detect no deterioration from the extended stay in the freezer, not in the texture or the flavor.

The first order of business is to grow lettuce.  We are so hungry for lettuce and it seems every time we eat store bought lettuce we get sick.  Our lettuce of choice is "Prizehead".  It is an old time leaf lettuce which goes from lime green in the center to a beautiful burgundy on the outside.  It is very flavorful and stays sweet longer into the heat than other lettuces.

Of course there are the tomatoes.  Definitely there will be "Juliets" in our garden and her yellow sister "Golden Rave" and at least a couple of plants of "Jelly Beans".  Others, well, that will be discussed when I find the seeds...LOL.

I need to start the hunt.  I promise I won't be gone long.  Have fun getting your garden laid out.

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