Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Christmas has past and the New Year faces us.  In a couple of days we can all have a big sigh of relief we made it through the past year.  I will be exhaling when I return home on New Year's Eve.  I ran to Denver as a surprise. Christmas eve I showed up at my parents house.  No one knew I was coming.  In fact I didn't know for sure until 36 hours before.   I took a deep breath and threw everything in bags and into the Car.  Left at 7 in the morning and arrived at 7:30 in the evening. 
Since the weather had been so bad on the plains I took a different route when I entered Colorado.  I normally take 86 down through Kiowa to 25.  This is a narrow back highway that is like a roller coaster.  I knew it was probably snow packed and icy so I decided to take 70 all the way to Denver and south on 425.  I had never been that way and by the time I past familiar 86 it was pitch dark.  Since it was Christmas eve and everyone was at their destination I had the road to myself.  It is a very dark road with no one on it.  and there was a wind at times.  Needless to say I felt like I didn't let my breath out till I arrived at the end of my journey.

Hunny has been left home alone to feed and care for 12 cats (8 house cats, 2 shop cats, 2 wild barn cats), 2 African gray parrots, and one little abandoned dog named "Honey". (We also feed the wild birds and the neighborhood raccoons and possums.)  Everyday I get a report on our egg production.  The young layers are laying up a storm.  We've been getting (16) 2.5 ounce eggs from 17 chickens almost everyday.  The older layers are "laid" back now and have decided to give us eggs when they please.  They really should be stew but in our old age and with being so busy with the holidays the last two months we haven't gotten around to it.  Last night the hens who normally lay nice large eggs decided one of them would go all out.  One of our Americauna ladies laid the enormous egg in the picture.  The other eggs are considered extra large, I think this one ranks in the ginormous category. 

I think she definitely exhaled loudly, gasping for breath.

Have an eggseptional day!

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