Tuesday, March 1, 2016


This is a blog about starting seeds (not proofing them).  I begin with a ditty that isn't very witty.

Gardening, in retrospect,
Scary thoughts, oh heck,
Nothing planted since last year,
This is a disaster, I fear.

No planting green veggie plants,
Because of ground hogs, we can't,
They hide and patiently in wait,
For the delicacy, better than cake.

The Broccoli,  almost ready for harvest,
They think we've made a personal request,
During the early morning hours,
They've scheduled their time to devour,

The Vegetable we love best.

We are getting ready finally to garden, or try.  We are very late so we will not be proofing the brassicas seeds.  We are going to take pot luck and place several seeds in each container.  If they grow they grow.  We start our seeds in an "incubator".  Then we trans plant them into small pots.

The following blogs are what we do every year to get our plants growing and ready for the garden.

Now for the incubator.  It is a simple affair using a Styrofoam box, a yogurt maker, piece of cardboard, a thermometer of some kind (I use an old outdoor one.)  I find the yogurt makers at the resale shops.  They have become scarce the last couple of year.  I guess, the  making yogurt has gone out of fashion.

Cut a hole in the side of the box at the base.  This is for the plug from the yogurt making to go through.  Put the yogurt maker inside (without its lid) you only need the bottom part of the maker with the heating element in it.

Now cut your cardboard the size you need to lay on top of the yogurt maker (fit it side to side and end to end in the Styrofoam box, on top the yogurt maker. The cardboard is cut the size of the interior and then you cut slots about 1/2 inch wide cut in it (this is to let the warmth rise into the chamber).  It is the shelf to place your plant containers on.

Place a thermometer in it (not over a vent hole) and turn it on.  Put the lid on tight, give it a couple of hours to warm up and then check the temperature.  You want it to hover around 80 degrees.  If it is higher open the lid a half inch and check it in two hours.  fiddle with the lid until you know how your incubator holds the heat.  You might want to open the lid even wider if it stays too warm.

Hopefully this will be a year we put supper on the table.
I love cooking from the cabinet loaded with items we have grown.

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