Thursday, March 15, 2012


 It wasn't a long walk just down a short length of the drive.  It was very early and the sun was very bright.  It is said there is always a right light time.  This wasn't it.  The flowers reflected the sun.  I hadn't ever noticed before but the flowers in general face the sun.   There are some which don't but most do. 

Walking down the drive the iris are poking their leaves up through the leaf mold.  Tree branches have tight buds with no color yet but they are filling up.

Then low and behold on the side of the drive is the spindliest tree you ever saw.  If it was Christmas it would be a Charlie Brown tree.   It was so skinny, no idea what it is, but it brought a smile.
The bright sun shines reflecting the beauty of the flowers.  Notice on the large flower on the left the shadow of the stamens on the petal on the right.  This is probably a service berry or such but until the leaves unfurl I won't be able to identify it.

Across from the spindly tree is the remains of a tree which died.  We cut it down over thirty years ago.  The bark was strange and the wood was the color of the daffodils. I have never seen such a yellow wood. It hasn't rotted at all, just seems to have dehydrated.  It's under the shade of some scrubby oaks and red buds.  Nothing ever seemed to want to grow there.
In the leaf litter you can see the first saw cut, before they realized they would run into the dirt if they continued.  There isn't even any rot there.  The designs on the tree fascinated me.

Thank you for talking this short walk with me.  It was a pleasant break from transplanting seedlings (today I put lettuce into larger pots). 

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