Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's cold and windy out today. I am not going to be out in it.  So I decided to go through papers, notes I had jotted down this past summer.   I came across this poem I wrote about an experience with a feathered friend who had ventured indoors.

Have you ever held air in your hand?
I have, the feeling is, oh so grand,
Today in my kitchen, it was a surprise,
On the floor, right before my eyes.

Was the smallest of earth's flying machines,
Of the prettiest colors found in dreams,
Its fragility, its fright, I was certain of,
I picked her up with gentle love.

She nestled in the warmth of my hand,
I rescued her from where she did land,
From the way she acted I think she was hit,
The ceiling fan knocked her around a bit.

After awhile she showed signs of flight,
I ran to release her while it was still light,
I opened my hand, her wings did spread,
With out a thank you, to the tree she fled.

To the feeder came one, was it the one who fled?
Is approaching the house something she dreads?
Or was it another, taking a sip of sweet,
Dining at our feeder filled with hummers treat.

She was not even as big as a joint and a half on my thumb and not as fat either.  It was an amazing and awesome experience for me.

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