Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We keep chickens, or is it raise chickens.  It is technically just a "hobby".  It is for our own consumption and for a couple of people who drop by for a dozen or two.  We only have 16 young pullets (pullets are female chickens until they begin to lay, then they are called hens), and 13 older, past their prime, hens.  A hen becomes past her prime when she doesn't lay an egg every other day (at least in my opinion).  She is not profitable, because she eats more than she produces. 

We are small potatoes and have reached our "past our prime percentage", lol.  We have not had the energy to put them or their fellow roosters in our freezer.  The weather has finally cooled down and I expect after the Thanksgiving holiday we will have a going away party for them.  Our little pullets are now producing to their potential and the eggs are now approaching large status.  Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.
Regular size egg                        2 eggs from a pullet
(her friends are laying a small to medium egg)

Technically chickens are not garden/plant related, but at our "farm" they are.  They are a source of extremely high nitrogen fertilizer for us.  Albeit we have to wait a year to use it.  It is too "hot" to use without composting it.  At this time of year we spread it on the garden areas to break down through the winter.

I had to share these eggs gigantus with you.  This was definitely an oooh aaahhh situation for the little, almost a hen, chicken. 

The two eggs being fried for breakfast. Yes they were double yolked eggs. 
The skillet is a 10 inch iron pan.

Have an eggseptional day!

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