Friday, April 8, 2011


I grabbed my camera and decided to walk around the house.  We have a circle drive (it completely circles the house).  I wondered if there was anything new in the yard.  I was thrilled when I came across the "Green Dragons".  This is what I have always called them. They are technically BELLWORT,
in the lily family.
Uvularia grandiflora

Not too many feet away I spied the first violets of the season.  Spring violets are my favorite flower.  Did you realize all of the above ground plant is edible.  Violet flowers have a peppery taste.  The leaves taste like a great spinach, but have more texture than spinach.  There isn't the "fur growing" on your teeth aspect of greens like lambs quarters and spinach.  If you forage violets please remember to only take a leaf or two from each plant.  If it is a very dense plant you can harvest more.  Eat all the blossoms you want.  They are far superior to pansies in taste. 
Wild violets that are different colors have different tastes.  The lighter their color the less taste they have.  I also have yellow violets in the yard. 
Viola sororia

The dogwoods are starting to bloom but they hadn't opened enough to get a good picture.  My redbuds are open and mostly tight budded.  The redbud flowers are edible.  They have a lingering flavor of peas with a little spiciness.  The Redbud is referred to as the Judas Tree.  I imagine it is because it blooms just before the dogwood.  The redbud is in the pea family. 
Cercis canadensis
Today the clouds are drifting over the sun.  Making a mostly cloudy day.  It is trying to decide if it will rain or not.  When the sun comes out, the shadows form on the ground from the leaves that are trying to spring out of their restraints.  April in Missouri lets you know it was worth all the icy, snowy, days this past winter.

Rock formation along the drive the grandkids call their "Treasure Rock"

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  1. I miss Missouri! I used to see violas in the river bed near the farm house I rented, and redbud trees everywhere. Thanks for taking me along.

  2. We have violas too and spring many gorgeous wild flowers. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I'll be posting more pixs from my walk yesterday.