Sunday, April 10, 2011


This could almost be considered an impulse purchase, except for the fact we knew we would probably get some new chicks soon.  We had not contemplated that it would be this soon.  Hunny had to run to the license bureau for the truck and trailers this morning.  On the way back he stopped at the farm supply store to see when they would be getting chickens in and what kinds.
Behold, Baby chicks were there and in a couple of the varieties we love.  

He called me about them and I said come home and we will get set up for them first and go back and get them.  We needed to:
1.  Get down the large dog cage from the attic in the barn. 
2.  Gather and clean the baby chick feeders and waterers.  
3.  Find a trouble light to hang in the dog cage for warming the chicks. 
4.  Round up a couple of blankets to cover the cage with to keep out the drafts.
5.  Find newspapers to use for bedding

After gathering all the items, we needed to assembled the cage and outfit it for the chicks.
We headed to the store and picked out our chicks.  We settled on the Silver Laced Wyandottes and the Buff Orpingtons.   The chicks were put in cute little boxes.  I don't think they were 8 inches square. Twelve chicks barely fit in them.    We decided to take all the Wyandottes they had (17) and 7 Orpingtons.  We've had Orpingtons for the last 4 years and I bet it was 40 years since we had the Wyandottes. Home we ran with our tiny parcels filled with precious chicks.

These are the two boxes of babies.

This is is their new home.  you can see the hand on the left putting a little chick's beak into the water.  To make sure each chick knows where the water is and will readily drink from it.  Little chicks don't automatically know how to find water.  They have to be taught.  Some people put marbles in the water dish to make the chickens peck at them and get a drink.



It is said watching a fish tank is relaxing, watching baby chicks is fun and relaxing.  The little chicks establishing who's who in the pecking order.  Delighting over the tiniest little thing.  If a moth comes in you see all of the charge after it and the one that catches it has to run continuously around because all the others are trying to grab it from his mouth. 

 Next week I will post new pictures of the chicks so you can see their progress.  By nightfall last night the chicks had already grown the beginnings of wing feathers.  This morning they had grown even more.  It's like stop motion photography.  We are well on our way to our organic source of nitrogen.  

To our delight!

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