Friday, February 13, 2009

Green house Pictures

We are getting ready to start working in the green house. These are a couple of looks back at the last two months of 2008. These are the snow peas we raised. The center of the green house is at least 13 feet tall. The top board you see peeking in the peas is 4 feet tall. The peas were trained on netting that is normally used for rolled baled hay. We only received a couple of meals from them even though they were covered with blooms. The zero days that hit the last of December froze the top half of the plants. They flopped over and suffocated the bottom of the row. In order to raise them we would have to have enough heat to keep the upper feet of the green house above freezing. This is not economically feasible.
This is our resident Yellow garden spider. Argiope auranita Typical Orb Weavers, Family Araneidae. They are considered common, but we hardly ever find one. This has to be the spider Charlotte was. They are fantastic weavers. She wove webs all over the green house and finally decided the potting rack was where she would hang her nest. We are hoping this will be the start of a whole squad of these delightful spiders.
I looked through the files for a better pix of the inner green house but was unable to find any. We still haven't found a way that is acceptable to anchor the plastic. Till we do, it will hang over. This coming spring we have to make sure there is west and overhead shade for it. The heat gets intense. We do have plenty of fan ventilation but what is a plus in winter, having the small green house inside the big green house, is a minus in the summer.
Thanks for stopping by, I have to head down to the green house to adjust the openings. the bright sun just came out and the sage and rosemary will be steamed (no we don't have an automated ventilation system...I am the automation).

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