Saturday, February 28, 2009


I had to stop in and show you what greeted me in the greenhouse this week. This is the bloom from a plant called "Devils Backbone". It is a succulent that has little plantlets develop on the edges of the leaves. They drop off and grow just about anywhere. I have a few plants that were really ragged from being left outside too long this fall. They nearly died because of the cold. I brought them in and almost threw them out (I have young ones that I can get new plants off of). They were put in the corner of the small heated green house and have been totally ignored. Needless to say they will not be a plant that is on the back burner this year.


  1. what a beautiful blossom ! such a lovely warm colour.

    what is the scientific name, do you know?


  2. It goes by lots of local names. Found the following on google. It was by a picture that looked just like my plants.

    Kalanchoe daigremontiana (kalanchoe, from the Mandarin name of one of the species; named after Monsieur and Madame Daigremont)

    Glad you enjoyed, sheepish

  3. what a pretty plant.... wonder if we can get them here in australia?

  4. They are a succulent. you could google and find out. I know they would love it there. They are freeze tender and are damaged by frost. This year I will be planting the in large pots so I can bring them in. It seems they want to bloom in January here.I am going to take some to florida with me the next time I go to see how they do in Tampa...I am bet they would love the year round growing...and the sandy soil would be just perfect. I had some in full sun and they did great in our area till they got frozen.