Saturday, March 2, 2013


This is a question which is answered by multitudinous sites on the Internet.  It varies from region to region, and person to person.  It is also predestined by the things going on in your life. 
How do I decide when to plant.  I use all the tables I find and then I throw in the moon cycles.  We have discovered planting by the moon signs is very beneficial. 
We found we had no luck growing radishes and root crops if they were planted close to or in the coming up of a full moon. The seeds energies seemed to be pulled into making leaves.
Another thing that upsets a planting regimen is the weather.  The moon may be just right to plant the potatoes on March 16, but the ground may be frozen solid.  Or you can't prepare the site because you've had a torrential down poor.  You have to be flexible and plant when you can.  I can also counsel you, from my own experience about thinking about when your plants are due to mature.
Example:  If you are planting peas, the weather is still great, but you had to plant them over 6 weeks late because it was too muddy to work the garden at the proper time.  These peas are going to mature just as it gets real hot.  You won't get much of a harvest for your work.  The plants will burn up and the peas are on the plants will be tough.  Wait till summer is on the wain and plant your peas for a fall crop.
Tomatoes and peppers (Nightshade plants): you can start the seeds anytime just remember the date on the package is how long before the first fruit happens.  I started my eggplants the first of February.  They take a long time before they are big enough for the garden.  Peppers are also slower growing so I have started them too.  They are still in the propagation chamber.  They haven't sprouted yet.  Tomatoes are a faster growing plant and tend to get leggy quickly so I have delayed planting them until the next full moon.
Brassicas:  We already have ours started and they are being transplanted this weekend.  I hope I haven't started them too early.  We are having colder temperatures than normal with snow.
Happy gardening and please try you hand at raising your own plants.  You will have so many varieties available to you that are not sold on the open market.  Read all you can to decide what methods work well for you.  There are not any garden police running around and telling you what to do.  Remember if you are a new gardener to start small.  I know this is hard because there are so many new and exciting plants.   Remember what you plant will need weeding and watering.

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