Sunday, February 19, 2012


Entering my garden's gate, the view is this,
The beginning of a tour you won't want to miss.
The rose is a climber of short stature,
Not very tall when it's fully mature.

Day lillies, it shares its bed with,
Were, a long time ago, given me as a gift,
They've still to amaze us with their bloom,
When we'll be crunching on them soon.

Across from this bed is a rose, whom I've forgot,
Years ago from a chain store I bought,
"Intrepid" might be who she is,
This isn't a poetic quiz.

Around the corner, a young clematis, beginning to bloom,

The Columbine, on a rainy day, brightening the gloom.

A peony afraid the rain will dash it to the ground,
On it's petals, a fly resting, is to be found

A couple of David Austin roses have I,
Their fragrance isn't overwhelming, oh my.
When they open, like a pate' choux,
They can be described as frilly froo-froo.

This was our garden in 2010.  Last year we did no gardening at all.  We will be beginning the arduous project of putting it back together.  It is hard to believe but it looks like only  one of the roses died.  I will probably have to replace all the herbs. 

My brick walls, with the freeze and thaw and the tremendous rains we had in 2011, have fallen in total disrepair.  They will have to be rebuilt.  This will be like house need to move the furniture around.  In this case I am sure beds will be redesigned.

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