Monday, February 7, 2011


Gardening is on the back burner.  I should be starting seeds but so much has been getting in the way.  The amount of snow the Midwest is having is a real drag.  I am spending my days trying to put my house back in order.  This past summer I spent every waking moment involved in the garden.   This year has to be different.  As much as I love the garden and being outside I was totally burned out by the end of the season.

Meanwhile I am watching and waiting for the first sign of spring.  I am watching our skies and our bird feeders.  After the snow Friday night the feeder was loaded.  Sure wish they would stand still a minute while I took their pictures.  This is one of only a couple of Jays we have. 
 Last year we had a deluge of Jays but this year hardly any. 
We have been having a couple of pairs of Cardinals but they are very shy,
 another bird flying in startles them.
Later in the day I decided to put the food in dishes.  I used the Tupperware hamburger patty maker dishes. They worked great and the birds really like having their food separated according to kind. 

A little wren and a junco enjoying lunch.  The wren is picking through the leftover parrot food from our parrots.  We have two varieties of juncos that visit the feeder.  We tried chicken layer in one of the pans.  The birds, so far, barely touch it.  I wish I had some really great pictures of the birds but alas the light and the flighty birds aren't cooperating for taking pics.
Saturday morning watching for the birds and wondering when the snow will stop.

Meanwhile I do have to get my act together and think about seeds for planting,
as well as seeds for the birds.  I hope you are having a warm, sun filled day.
Thank you for stopping by.

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